2011 was a challenging year for me; it started with the death of my mother and ended with my law firm hitting a new stride in the Far East. Bad things and good, stress and “eustress”, but STRESSED 24/7!
I have been able to stop myself from using the word both verbally AND in my head: eliminating the concept of “stressed” internally has been even more powerful than refraining from using the word with my mouth. Each time I’d start to think about how “str**** out” I was…I stopped. Instead, I’ve been “challenged”. To quote your website, “we all have words that our day would be better without…”
Am I LESS “stressed” as a result? Well, I would describe a certain empowering, almost a self-respect response, kind of like when you stick to a workout regimen for many weeks. I’m up for the “challenges” of 2012!

Jose, FL