Need slips effortlessly from my mouth – most commonly in the phrases “you need…” or “I need…”
I failed to eliminate need from my vocabulary for ten days. Awareness is arriving. Clearly Need is a sloppy thought habit inaccurately expressing what I desire to communicate.
Inside failure dwells:
Arrogance – as though I could know what another person requires.
Misplaced imperative – “I need to eat” rather than “I am hungry”
Inattention to truthful experience. “I need a break” could mean I fear the anger I feel towards my work situation and want to get away; my body is fatigued because I over-worked and did not rest; I have a strong attraction to ____ who is committed to another.
Humor abides in the speed with which my mind can avoid discovering what I am really thinking or feeling – “this paragraph needs to end”.
I prefer not to experience failure.