Tips on how to come up with your WORD and be without it

What WORD would your life be better without? We all try, at one time or another, to give up those habits, foods, or behaviors that do us harm—what about words? Here is our challenge to you: For one week, stop using a word that is destructive to you, your life, the world, or your relationship with others.

Why give up a WORD? For some people, a word like “can’t” might hold them back from goals they would accomplish. Or perhaps, for others, a word like “fault” or “unfair” influences their relationships.

What is your WORD? Give up that word for a week, then share the story of how you changed without that word. Try writing your word down on a piece paper by your bed or some place you will see it in the morning. Let friends know and asking them to check in with you.

To give up a WORD: Sign up below with your email and the word you’d like to give up. One week later, we’ll check in with you to see how the experience went.

I warmly invite you: Give up a word today.
Jamie Coats, Curator, Give Up a WORD