I discovered that ‘giving up’ this word didn’t mean that I wouldn’t still have instances where I felt jealous, rather what it got me to do was to look at a different word instead, Gratitude. Ok, so I’m jealous about this thing, but on the other hand I’m glad this person is getting the opportunity to do this thing. I’ve also discovered that perhaps my jealousy comes from a place where I want to do these things too, but I haven’t stated clearly that I would like to do so- probably out of fear of rejection. So I’ve learned a few things- rather than focusing on what you don’t have, take a look at what you’ve got, it’s not hard to be grateful when you think about those who go without. At the same time I’ve also re-discovered that if I want to do things, I can’t expect people to know that, so I need to say something, thus the next idea I’m giving up ‘fear of rejection’. Hopefully that will help me to step up and say what I need and what I want and what I hope for, rather than expecting others to know.